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Student Initiatives

Ongoing SCB Initiatives

  • Assessing longitudinal feedback on Phase I implementation
  • Enhancing the efficacy of faculty and course evaluations
  • Real-time feedback during curricular transformation
  • Improving M3/M4 feedback system to allow for student involvement in enhancing the Phase II curriculum
  • Increasing availability of online electives available in M4 year
  • Generating a feedback report for M1 and M2 students regarding USMLE Step 1
  • Enhancing opportunities for collaboration with faculty on student wellness, diversity, and inclusion initiatives
  • Incorporating innovative technologies into classroom instruction and improving currently existing systems
  • Improving estimated completion times for sessions on Blackboard
  • Assessing efficacy of both UIC-created and outside resources for class preparation
  • Student-run tutorial series to provide demonstrations and best practices for Osmosis


Completed Initiatives and Accomplishments

  • Implemented a system integrated with BenWare for self-tracking and self-monitoring of student progress via learning objectives
  • Improved college-administered evaluations that gather student feedback on courses and faculty
  • Established student-faculty feedback structure in all M3 clerkships
  • Nutrition integrated throughout Biochemistry course rather than as a separate entity
  • Medical Genetics “flipped classroom” structure
  • Cell & Tissue Histology lab structure
  • Clinical Advisors for M1/M2 Courses (Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology)
  • Clinician involvement in TBLs
  • Integration of courses across curriculum:
    • ECM 1-2 Cardiovascular Physical Exam & Plenary
    • Spring Neurosciences Block in M1 Year (Neuroanatomy, Neurophysiology, Brain & Behavior)
  • M2 Case Study Presentations in Clinical Immunology & Microbiology, Pharmacology, etc.
  • Improving exam question quality, consistency and relevance to board material
  • Clinical Microbiology & Immunology Spec Sheets
  • Practicum Orientation Day
  • ECM 3-4 Dermatology Workshop
  • Gross Anatomy & Embryology MCQ, NBME, and M2 USMLE Review Sessions
  • ECM 1-2 Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) Sessions
  • More frequent connection with material in First Aid
  • Analysis and comparison of learning objectives across various sources
  • Dissemination of automated and individualized NBME score reports to students for M1/M2 NBME exams and M3 Clerkship exams

Scholarly Work (Presentations and Publications)

Geraghty JRYoung A, Berkel T, Mann J, Wallbruch E, Hyderi A. Student involvement in curriculum: A unique approach to curriculum development and program evaluation. AAMC CGEA meeting. Chicago, IL. March 2017. Invited Talk.

Geraghty JRYoung A, Berkel T, Mann J, Wallbruch E, Hyderi A. Empowering medical students as partners in program evaluation of pre-clerkship courses. AAMC CGEA meeting. Chicago, IL. March 2017. Poster. *Awarded “Outstanding Student Innovations in Medical Education”

Schwartz LF, Lineberry M, Park YS, Kamin CS, Hyderi AA. Development and evaluation of a student-initiated test preparation program for the USMLE Step 1 Examination. Teach Learn Med. 2017 Dec 14:1-9. Link here. 

Geraghty JRYoung A, Kobayashi K, Lewandowski C, Russel S, Valdez A, Kashima K. Building an Educational Home: Case Study Learning from and with students. Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) 2018 Meeting. Chicago, IL. April 18, 2018. Invited Talk.

Kobayashi KR, Geraghty JR, Hyderi A, Stringham R. Implementing a formal student representative feedback system in third-year core clerkships. AAMC Central Group on Educational Affairs meeting. Rochester, MN. March 2018. Poster.

Lewandowski C, Geraghty JR, Reiter C, Behery T, Melendez A, Urosev M, Stringham R, Hyderi A. A collaborative approach between students and administration to improve USMLE Step exam preparedness and performance. AAMC Central Group on Educational Affairs meeting. Rochester, MN. March 2018. Poster.

SCB students and staff