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Health Professions Student Council Heading link

The UIC Health Professions Student Council (HPSC) is a liaison organization between the individual health professions students, student groups, and the university at large. It appoints students to university and campus-wide committees to represent the interest of the health professional student body. Additionally, it funds the individual health professional student councils and provide additional funding to students for travel and interdisciplinary projects. HPSC also runs the Collaborative Healthcare Series, a forum for interdisciplinary discourse.

Have an issue, question, or event you want sent to the HPSC and the representatives of other the HP Schools?

Email the VP of Communications or HPSC Reps for assistance.

More information about HPSC can be found here.

HPSC Grants Heading link

Every semester, a portion of each student’s activities fee is given to HPSC to use toward programs and grants that benefit health professions students. HPSC distributes these funds to each health professional student council and the remaining money is used for various student programming and grants. Money that remains unused is no longer accessible for student use.